Close your eyes.

baloons2.jpgI feel special.Like something,somewhere awaits for me to discover it.Like I`m the prettiest one alive.Like I can do anything I want.Like nothing is impossible anymore!

I`m not dreaming,nor am I awake.I`m not dizzy,but not perfectly aware either.I just feel good,without taking any medicine.

I suddenly enjoy more every breath I take,and appreciate every contact of any kind.The soft wind blowing through my hair,the amazingly fresh smell of air..Stop for one second,close your eyes, and : let your conscience fly away,look gently at your soul and learn how to love yourself more,how to listen to your mind/heart(in this order),raise your head UP and smile,because it takes less muscles !! 🙂

Have a wonderful day! 


~ by Diana on May 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Close your eyes.”

  1. mind before heart???? not good! 😛

  2. Aren`t you dreaming?It could be possible to be awaked and feel so happy?if you said so,it would be so.That reminds me something I used to say;be happy,have a wonderful day,be loved,all the I realized that all these wishes had been my hopes.i`m feeling like bursting into tears.I saw it;all is a LIE.I`m alone even if i have a family and few friends.

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